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Heroic Graph: A Vast Synthesis

Heroic Graph: A Vast Synthesis

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Heroic Latent : Border Blast

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Concept of the Art Project:
We view humans and AI as a unified whole, distilling and concentrating representative knowledge and culture into easily transmissible and perceptible units. These units provide individuals with entertainment and inspiration, representing a form of value discovery and art.

Project Introductiont:
With the development of AI and the increasing flow of information, human knowledge and culture offer a wealth of material and background that can inspire personal emotions and creativity. Our goal is to find an entertaining and enlightening way to synthesize and encapsulate these rich treasures, transforming them into condensed experience units, such as songs or short films, and presenting them as NFTs.

We will search for and perceive symbolic representative concepts and key attributes with inspirational value from fields such as psychology and philosophy, metacognition and methodology, science and knowledge, history and culture, art and music, stories and emotions, and faith and growth. Our process includes the following steps:


  • 🧪Extraction and Association:
    Extract and associate key ideas from various fields to form the material.

  • 📦Packaging and Expression:
    Package these materials into condensed experience units, such as songs, visual art, music, and narratives.

  • 🎨Presentation Format:
    Provide a series of synthetic works through NFTs, making them both easily transmissible and rich in content.


Metacognitive Analysis Methods:
We use metacognitive analysis methods, which include:

  • 🔍Thinking Angles:Approaching problems from multiple perspectives to uncover hidden connections and insights.

  • 🔄Thinking Levels:Seamlessly switching between abstract and concrete levels to build deep understanding.

  • 🔑Key Tags:Extracting core elements of issues to promote connections and transitions.

Integration of Creativity and Content:
We consider the creativity of entertainment elements and the intellectual content of inspiring elements, extracting and relating key ideas from different fields to form materials, which are then packaged for expression.
Through these methods, we are dedicated to creating rich artistic works that provide both entertainment and profound inspiration, allowing individuals to enjoy entertainment while gaining deep insights.


Heroic Graph: A Vast Synthesis
We will be launching a series of works titled Heroic Graph: A Vast Synthesis. Currently, we have completed the first album:
[Heroic Latent:Border Blast-英雄蟄伏:界限引爆]
👉Download page
[Heroes' Call:Wild Shock-英雄招喚:狂野震撼] (tentative, coming soon)
with more works to follow in the future. For more detailed information, please refer to our Gitbook.


Thank you very much for reading this page. We firmly believe that everyone can find hope, faith, freedom, and a happy future. Stay strong, and let's explore this joyful journey of knowledge and inspiration together!💪

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We are preparing token rewards and planning periodic airdrops to our fans' wallets. For more information, please refer to our Gitbook.
Fans are the key support for our development. If we have new ideas, we prioritize the benefits of our fans. Please stay tuned for updates on our website or social media platforms. Once again, thank you to our fans—you are amazing!

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